2006-2014 Housing Element

The City Council adopted the City’s 2006-2014 Housing Element on October 9, 2012, and has submitted the adopted element to the State Housing and Community Development Department for certification. As required by State law, the 2006-2014 Housing Element includes an analysis of existing and projected housing needs and sets forth programs and policies for the preservation, improvement, and development of housing in the City. Several of Housing Element’s programs will require follow-up actions in the form of Zoning Ordinance amendments, and work on these programs will be conducted over the next several months. For more information on the 2006-2014 Housing Element, click below.

2006-2014 Housing Element Implementation Program

Work on the City’s 2006-2014 Housing Element is wrapping up, with the City Council considering Phase 1 and Phase 2 of the 2006-2014 Housing Element Implementation program this spring. Phase 1 of the Housing Element Implementation Program includes the housing production programs such as the Special Housing (SPL) Overlay and the Second Unit Amnesty Program. Phase 2 of the Housing Element Program includes provisions for density bonus providing and special needs housing.