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Updated 3/5/2019 at 11:40am
Forecast Summary
The next round of storms forecasted to impact Ventura County is expected to bring plenty of subtropical moisture into Central and Southern California tonight through Wednesday night. Current models are showing the heaviest rain occurring in Western Santa Barbara and San Luis Obispo counties.
Currently, lightning is being detected in the band offshore so there is the possibility of thunderstorms with potential intensities up to 1”/hr but these are most likely to occur in Western Santa Barbara, San Luis Obispo and offshore near the Channel Islands. Thunderstorms over Ventura County should be closer to 0.75”/hr in localized areas if they occur.
Storm totals appear to be 1”-2.5” for the coast and coastal hills with over 3” inches possible in Old Man Mountain to Nordhoff Ridge.
Peak intensities appear to be 0.30”/hr to 0.55”/hr for the Woolsey Burn area with the highest occurring in South Coast to Malibu. Peak intensities for the Thomas Burn Area appear to be 0.20”/hr to 0.40”/hr with up to 0.75”/hr possible above Carpinteria and Matilija Canyon. Timing of the peak rain will be 2am to 6am for the Thomas Burn/Ventura River and 3am to 9am for the Woolsey Burn area.
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Mandatory Evacuations Areas
Voluntary Evacuations Areas
Ventura RV Park – Effective 3/5/19 at 5:00pm
Advisory Areas
South Coast of Ventura County Including the Community of Malibu
Due to unpredictable circumstances, residents are advised to be aware of changing conditions and take immediate action to evacuate should the situation become unsafe.
Road Closures
For more information on road closures in Ventura County visit or
Evacuation Centers
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Actualizado el 5/5/2019 a las 11:40 am
Evacuaciones Obligatorias
Evacuaciones Voluntarias
Ventura RV Park – Efectivo el 3/5/19 a las 5:00 PM
Áreas De Aviso
Costa sur del condado de Ventura, incluida la comunidad de Malibú Debido a las circunstancias impredecibles, los residentes deben mantenerse alertos a cambios de las condiciones y tomar medidas inmediatas para evacuarse se la situación se vuelve insegura.
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