UPDATE: PLANNING COMMISSION ITEM NO. 2 | Gables of Ojai Concept Review
The concept review to be heard by the Planning Commission on February 16, 2022 for feedback and input will be recommended by the Community Development Director to be continued off-calendar. There have been several proposed changes now identified since the release of the report between what the plans the applicant originally submitted depict and what the applicant now states is envisioned and practical from an operations and financing standpoint for the property owner. Additionally, a courtesy neighborhood notice provided by the Community Development Department reminding the neighborhood of this important opportunity to provide feedback and input included an incorrect date for the concept review to be heard. For these reasons, the item is being continued to address and would be placed on a future Planning Commission agenda and re-notification provided to the neighborhood.
Further questions and information on this matter should be directed to the Community Development Director at 805-646-5581 x113 or via email at Lucas.Seibert@ojai.ca.gov.
To participate in the virtual Planning Commission meeting, please visit https://us02web.zoom.us/j/85371290735?pwd=N2YrQ1F0TVgvazVWS1hBVExDWlFYUT09