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Thomas Fire Updates

Just a reminder that several websites contain updated information regarding the Thomas Fire.‘s most recent update shows that the Thomas Fire is currently at 281,620 Acres with 89% Containment

Air quality is listed as moderate on However, notes that air quality should be considered unhealthy in areas directly impacted by smoke, especially in the Ojai Valley and surrounding areas where air quality is extremely poor.

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Post-Wildfire Storm Preparation

Wildfires dramatically alter the natural landscape by removing vegetation and exposing soil to wind and rain. These changes substantially increase the risk of flash floods and debris flows, even in areas not usually prone to these hazards.

Normally, grasses, shrubs and trees slow rainfall and improve soil absorption. Leaf litter further protects the soil from erosive rainfall. Wildfires burn vegetation and leaf litter to ash, leaving the soil exposed and less able to absorb rain.

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Ciudad de Ojai Continúa Prohibición Temporal de Sopladores de Hojas

El 11 de diciembre de 2017, la Ciudad anunció que los sopladores de hojas se han prohibido temporalmente debido a la mala calidad del aire y el riesgo de propagación de más ceniza, humo y partículas en el aire. Funcionarios de salud pública han seguido advertir contra el uso de sopladores de hojas para limpiar la ceniza, lo que hace que la ceniza se convertirse en el aire y aumenta el riesgo de la ceniza que se inhala por los residentes y los animales.

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City of Ojai Continues Temporary Ban of Leaf Blowers

On December 11, 2017, the City announced that leaf blowers have been temporarily prohibited due to poor air quality and the risk of spreading more ash, smoke and particulates into the air. Public health officials have continued to caution against the use of leaf blowers to clean up ash, which causes ash to become airborne and increases the risk of ash being inhaled by residents and animals. The City is extending the ban, which will now be in effect indefinitely.

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County of Ventura Leafblower Advisory

The County of Ventura has issued an advisory strongly recommending NO USE OF LEAFBLOWERS UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE. Please click the link below to view. As a reminder, the City has temporarily prohibited the use of leafblowers within City limits.

Leaf Blower Health Notice

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