City Manager

Under the provisions of the Municipal Code, the City Manager is responsible for the administrative functions of the City. With the exception of the City Clerk and City Treasurer—both of whom are elected—each of the City Department Heads report to the City Manager who, in turn, reports to the City Council Members. The City Manager Administrative Analyst also reports directly to the City Manager.

The Administrative Analyst coordinates and schedules activities for the City Manager’s office and serves as the City Manager’s direct clerical assistant. The Administrative Analyst is also responsible for managing the City’s website and provides clerical support assistance to the City Council. Additionally, the Administrative Analyst is responsible for the execution of Ojai Day and allocates time spent on that project to the Recreation Department.

Employee Compensation

The City of Ojai strives to operate in a transparent and open manner. Here you will find information and links to documents showing the approved salary ranges for City of Ojai employees, including full-time and part-time. For more information, please contact the City Manager James Vega.


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