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Andrea Mackey
City of Ojai, City Manager’s Office

(805) 646-5581 ext. 101

Ojai (November 20, 2020) – The City of Ojai, Southern California Association of Governments (SCAG), and consultant Street Plans will implement the Maricopa Highway Demonstration Project on December 7, 2020. The implementation will include the closing of the outer travel lane in each direction between the Y and El Roblar/Cuyama Rd. for the installation of parking-protected/separated bike lanes, temporary planters and delineators, and intersection improvements like curb extensions. The installation of the Demonstration Project is anticipated to take a minimum of five days. On-street parking will be limited during the implementation of the Demonstration Project.

The Demonstration Project will continue for at least six months, until mid-May 2021 and inform the design of the permanent ATP Project for Maricopa Highway. It will be extended to assure overlap with Nordhoff High School being back in full in-person attendance to experience the full AM and PM traffic peak that occurs for approximately 12 minutes while school starts and finishes.

As the City of Ojai’s first on-street, protected bike lanes, the Demonstration Project will improve connections to the Ojai Valley Bike Trail, the Ojai Meadows Preserve, Meiners Oaks, and make the corridor safer for all modes (vehicles, bikes, pedestrians). Curb extensions will shorten pedestrian crossing distances and slow the turning speeds of cars, on-street parking and temporary planters and delineators will create protection for bicyclists.  The single travel lane in each direction will make it safer to for pedestrians to cross the street and help ensure cars travel at the speed limit.

Volunteers are invited to participate in certain tasks during the project’s installation, including the painting of green bike crossing markings, installing planters and landscaping in planters, and installing temporary delineators. Volunteers will be divided into small groups to perform work, per COVID-19 gathering guidelines, and will be required to wear face masks. Food and drinks will be provided for volunteers.

To sign up to volunteer, type this shortened link into your web browser:

The project team will be evaluating data like pedestrian, vehicle, and bicycle volumes, travel speeds, and intersection turning movements, as well as collecting feedback from passersby. To give the City your feedback during the evaluation period, you may take the project survey in person at City Hall, or online by typing this shortened link into your web browser: The survey, including a project FAQ, will also be available on the project’s webpage: