On June 16, 2020, the City of Ojai announced the launch of a program that will allow fitness instructors to utilize areas of City parks for safe, physically distanced fitness classes. The State and County’s guidelines limit indoor fitness classes due to potential spread of the virus. Outdoor programs are allowed as long as a 6 foot distance is maintained by participants.

To help encourage responsible exercise, the City of Ojai has created a low-fee process that will allow instructors to reserve portions of the park for their classes for $20 per class. The cost will cover staff time associated with scheduling and coordinating. Instructors must follow Ventura County Social Distancing Protocols. No contact sports are allowed at this time under State and County guidelines. Non-contact classes may be held including yoga, tai chi, Zumba, and many others. Instructors will be required to have (or obtain) insurance.

Instructors interested in reserving space for a class can contact the City’s Recreation Department, at (805) 646-5581, ext. 390 for more information.

Director of Emergency Services Executive Order No. 20-07