1-18-19: The City of Ojai has released a request for qualifications for a Water Resources Coordinator. The City is taking steps to address and analyze concerns of water supply and quality brought about by ongoing drought, coupled with climate change and a shifting regulatory framework on water, in order to ensure that its residents and businesses have a supply that is sufficient, economically viable, and environmentally sustainable. The City of Ojai is a part of the larger, but unincorporated, Ojai Valley, and because of the relative isolation of the Valley’s water supply, the City’s position on water is a critical one. The City does not have access to State water, and the City is looking to secure grants and other funding that would strengthen the City’s water supply position.


To that end, the City is seeking interested firms or individuals to submit their qualifications to the City for consideration. The Water Coordinator would be tasked with identifying grants and other funding sources for projects that would benefit the water supply or water quality. For more information, please visit the City’s Bids and Request for Proposals page at the following link: https://ojai.ca.gov/rfp/