At the November 10, 2020, City Council meeting, the Ojai City Council voted unanimously to adopt Reach Codes (local amendments to the building code) that require new construction to be all-electric. These codes prohibit gas in new buildings, with certain exemptions such as new restaurants. The Codes were discussed at the October 13 City Council meeting, and introduced at the October 27 City Council meetings.

The adoption of Reach Codes is the latest action taken by Ojai to reduce greenhouse gases and emissions. Indoor gases release carcinogens like nitrogen oxide, carbon monoxide, nitric oxide, and formaldehyde.

In recent years, Ojai has declared a climate emergency, appointed a Climate Emergency Mobilization Committee, adopted a 100% renewable energy level with the Clean Power Alliance, and prohibited most gas-powered landscaping equipment to reduce greenhouse gases. Ojai is the 39th municipality in California to adopt new building codes that either incentivize or mandate all-electric buildings, joining cities like Santa Monica and San Luis Obispo.