City of Ojai Takes Pledge to Participate in California Clean Air Day

Today, October 7, 2020, marks California Clear air day, the City of Ojai has taken the pledge to do its part and help clean California’s air. The City has begun using battery electric landscaping equipment and encourages resident to participate as well. Here are a few ways from, on how to participate:

  • Encourage Others (Family, friends, coworkers) to take the pledge
  • Leave your car at home: Bike to work/school, take public transport.
  • Shut off unnecessary lights
  • Replace gasoline lawn mower with an electric or a hand mower
  • Commit to using natural all-purpose cleaner only
  • Plant something (tree, office plant, garden, house plant, etc.)
  • Choose not to light a fire or BBQ
  • Change your home and/or car air filter

To learn more about California Clear air day or to take the pledge, please visit