Please join the City of Ojai and participate in the Great ShakeOut Earthquake Drills this morning.

At 10:18 a.m. this morning please join the City of Ojai in emergency preparation and participate by dropping, covering and holding.
Step 1) Drop, Cover, and Hold On: At 10:18 a.m. everyone should drop to the ground, take cover under a table or desk, and hold on to it as if a major earthquake were happening (stay down for at least 60 seconds). Practice now so you will immediately protect yourselves during earthquakes!
Step 2) While still under the table, or wherever you are, look around and imagine what would happen in a major earthquake. What would fall on you or others? What would be damaged? What would life be like after? What will you do before the actual earthquake happens to reduce losses and quickly recover?
About this event:
Millions of people worldwide will practice how to Drop, Cover, and Hold On October 18 during Great ShakeOut Earthquake Drills. 2018 is the 10th Anniversary of ShakeOut, which began in southern California in 2008.
The Southern California Coast area is highly susceptible to earthquakes and earthquake related effects. Numerous earthquake faults crisscross southern California and no one within the area resides more than 10 miles from an active fault. In addition to damage caused directly by ground shaking and related ground failure, other hazards such as fires can easily start during and shortly after an earthquake. Fires may spread quickly in densely-built neighborhoods, enabling them to sustain for long periods, spread over large areas and, due to broken water pipes and the number of ignitions, simply overwhelm the abilities of firefighters to control them. On the other hand, earthquakes occurring during periods of heavy rain can produce destructive and life threatening slurry-like debris flows that originate on the steep slopes and gullies of the many rugged mountain areas and can flow into adjacent communities.
Question: Can I sign up to receive emergency information when a disaster is happening?
In Ventura County: Register your alternate phones, text device and e-mail address on VCAlertfor important disaster information. And, visit