With Spring beginning less than a month from now, the City of Ojai would like to remind residents that a working partnership between property owners, their neighbors, the City of Ojai and the Ventura County Fire Department is the best defense against disastrous fires. Ojai residents and property owners should be aware that dry, poorly maintained vegetation creates an extreme fire danger to their homes. The City of Ojai and the Fire Department does not recommend indiscriminate clearing of native chaparral and other vegetation. Well-placed and well-maintained vegetation can beautify and control erosion in residential neighborhoods. Poorly maintained vegetation is a natural, volatile fuel for fast-spreading wildfires – an invitation to disaster.

This year, the City will begin conducting surveys to identify properties with possible weed abatement violations on April 21, 2020. The City will mail weed abatement letters to properties with overgrown weeds and brush in advance of a June 1 deadline to correct.