Clean Power Alliance, Southern California’s newest locally-operated clean energy provider,  is expected to begin to expand its services to residents and businesses across Los Angeles and Ventura Counties, including Ojai, beginning early 2019.

Residents within these territories  will not have to do anything to be automatically enrolled in Clean Power Alliance’s 100% Green Power rate option, which provides 100% renewable content and gives customers the opportunity to join Ojai in our commitment to reducing harmful emissions and protecting our environment.

Best of all, customers will still have access to special rates or programs such as CARE, FERA, Medical Baseline, Level Pay and Summer Discounts. Customers currently enrolled in the CARE, FERA, and Medical Baseline assistance programs and enrolled in Ojai’s 100% Green Power will be charged the same rates they would have paid to SCE. Clean Power Alliance will also develop new and unique programs exclusively for local customers.

During this service expansion, customers will also have the ability to opt-out of receiving energy purchased by Clean Power Alliance and remain with Southern California Edison for this service. To learn more about opt-out options, please click here.

About Clean Power Alliance

Clean Power Alliance believes in a clean energy future that is local, where communities are empowered and customers are given a choice about the source of their energy. Clean Power Alliance will soon serve over three million Southern California residents and over one million customer accounts. Learn more by visiting or by calling Clean Power Alliance at 888-585-3788.