Code Compliance

If you have witnessed a City of Ojai municipal code compliance violation:

  1. Establish whether the violation occurred in the City limits. Please view this map. If the violation did not occur in city limits, please contact the County of Ventura.
  2. Please use the My Ojai App to file a written complaint. To make a complaint via telephone please leave a message for the code compliance officer, 646-5581 ext. 117. You may also download a copy our complaint form here, fill it out and print.

Most Common Code Compliance Issues:

Contractor’s Construction Hours Violation: 5-11.05(c) (Work hours are 7 am – 5 pm Monday through Friday, except holidays)

Construction without a Permit: 7-1.206

Storing Vehicles on Street: 3-2.1110 (on street) – Please call the Police Department at 646-1414

Maintenance of front and street side yards: 10-2.804(e)(2) (Limitations on uses of setbacks)

Leaf Blowers: 5-11.05(e) (Noise Ordinance)

Gas Landscaping Equipment: Frequently Asked Questions handout (in English)

Gas Landscaping Equipment: Frequently Asked Questions handout (in Spanish)

Lighting Ordinance: 10-2.16.5 (Exterior Lighting Standards)

Lighting Standards

Noise: 5-11 (Noise Ordinance)

POD/Auxiliary Buildings/Dumpsters: 9-7.07

Plastic Bag Ordinance: 5-13.101-105 (Single-Use Carryout bags)

RV Storage: 9-9.506 (Standards for recreational vehicles)

Signs: 10-2.16 (Sign Standards)

Styrofoam Ordinance: 5-14.101-106 (Environmentally acceptable packaging materials)

Sub-standard Buildings: Uniform Housing Code 1001

Tree Ordinance: 4.11.04 (Preservation, Cutting, Storage Under and Removal of Oak, Sycamore, Heritage and Other Designated Mature Trees)

Walls/Fences/Hedges: 10-2.805 (Fences, Walls, Hedges, and Screening)

The Code Compliance Inspector is responsible for enforcing the City’s Municipal Codes, responding to code enforcement inquiries from the public and staff, and tracking code enforcement cases.

646-5581 ext. 117


401 South Ventura Street
Ojai, CA, 93023