Community Development Department

Document Center

The Document Center contains links to Community Development Department documents and information, including applications for the Planning Division, Building and Safety Division, and Code Compliance, as well as links to the Ojai Municipal Code and the City of Ojai Citizen Portal.

It is important that you receive accurate information in response to your building and zoning questions. We recommend that you request information in writing.  This helps assure that we understand the situation you are inquiring about, and gives you a response upon which you can rely. Click here to download a Community Development Department Information Request Form.


Ojai’s General Plan
City of Ojai Boundaries Map
Public Transit Stop Map
Complete Streets Master Plan 
Complete Streets Policy
Design Guidelines, Master & Area Plans
Public Art Program Guidelines For Private Developers
Ground Disturbance Statement
2014-21 Housing Element
EIR for Housing Element (5th Cycle)
Landscaping Standards
Land Use Map
Lighting Standards
Municipal Code
Mural Application
Neighborhood Planning
Parking Standards
Profile of the City
Sign Standards
Subdivision Regulations
Zoning Map

Planning Division

Instructions for Submitting Applications
Ground Disturbance Statement
Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU) Package
Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU) TINY HOUSE Package
Allocation Application
Bed and Breakfast
Certificate of Compliance Application
Commercial & Manufacturing Zoning Districts
Concept Review Application
Conditional Use Permit
Design Review Permits
Directors Exemption from Planning Commission Review of a Design Review Permit
Environmental Review Summary
Fences, Walls, Hedges, & Screening
Final Parcel Tract Map
General Plan Amendment Application
Guest Houses
Height Measurement & Exceptions
Historic Preservation
Home Occupation Permits
Landscaping Standards
Lighting Standards
Lot Line Adjustment Application
Minor CUP Application
Minor Variances
Miscellaneous Permit
Mural Application
Outdoor Display Guidelines
Planned Development Permit
Pre-application Conference Application
Property Owners Labels Public Request Form
Second Residential Units
Property Owner Package
Request for Concurrent Plan Check & Acknowledgement of Risks
Solar Access Guidelines
Subdivision Tentative Tract Parcel Map Application
Swimming Pool Fences
Swimming Pool/Spa
Temporary Use Permits
Temporary Use Permits – MINOR
Text Amendment
Vacant Property Registration Application
Zone Change Application
Zoning Clearance
Zoning Clearance for a Building Permit
Zoning Clearance for Fences Walls Screening application
Zoning Clearance for a Business License

Building and Safety Division

Building & Safety Handouts
Building Permit Application
Property Owner Package
Gas-Powered Chainsaw Usage Permit Application
Ground Disturbance Statement
Ventura County Fire Department Form 610 Fire Permit Application
Building Appeal Application
Building Appeals Board Informational Sheet
Code Interpretation Application
Zoning Clearance for a Building Permit
Second Dwelling (ADU) Compliance Program Guidelines
Cal Fire Hazard Severity Zone Map
Swimming Pool/Spa
Ventura County Air Pollution Control District’s (VCAPCD) AB3205 Form Occupancy Permit Review Questionnaire
Smoke Detector, Carbon Monoxide Detector, & Heat Sensor Self Certification Form
Recycle Forms
Final Inspection Sign-Off Form
License Requirements
Request for Concurrent Plan Check & Acknowledgement of Risks
Request for Concurrent Plan Check, Hold Harmless



Code Compliance Division

If you have witnessed a City of Ojai municipal code compliance violation:

  1. Establish whether the violation occurred in the City limits. Please view this map. If the violation did not occur in city limits, please contact the County of Ventura
  2. Please use this link to the my Ojai portal to submit an electronic complaint. To make a complaint via telephone please leave a message for the code compliance officer, 646-5581 ext. 117.

Most Common Code Compliance Issues:

Contractor’s Construction Hours Violation: 5-11.05(c) (Work hours are 7 am – 5 pm Monday through Friday, except holidays)

Construction without a Permit: 7-1.206

Storing Vehicles on Street: 3-2.1110 (on street) – Please call the Police Department at 646-1414

Maintenance of front and street side yards: 10-2.804(e)(2) (Limitations on uses of setbacks)

Leaf Blowers: 5-11.05(e) (Noise Ordinance)

Gas Landscaping Equipment: Frequently Asked Questions handout (in English)

Gas Landscaping Equipment: Frequently Asked Questions handout (in Spanish)

Lighting Ordinance: 10-2.16.5 (Exterior Lighting Standards)

Noise: 5-11 (Noise Ordinance)

POD/Auxiliary Buildings/Dumpsters: 9-7.07

Plastic Bag Ordinance: 5-13.101-105 (Single-Use Carryout bags)

RV Storage: 9-9.506 (Standards for recreational vehicles)

Signs: 10-2.16 (Sign Standards)

Styrofoam Ordinance: 5-14.101-106 (Environmentally acceptable packaging materials)

Sub-standard Buildings: Uniform Housing Code 1001

Tree Ordinance: 4.11.04 (Preservation, Cutting, Storage Under and Removal of Oak, Sycamore, Heritage and Other Designated Mature Trees)

Walls/Fences/Hedges: 10-2.805 (Fences, Walls, Hedges, and Screening)