The City of Ojai’s Code Enforcement officials inspected a property on the 400 block of North Signal Street on the morning of September 11, 2019. The City had previously abated similar violations at the same property. Recently, the City received complaints from neighbors that reported additional alleged code violations that resulted in health and safety risks to tenants. The City subsequently contacted the property owner in an attempt to schedule an inspection. While investigating the complaints, Code Enforcement staff determined that an inspection of the property was immediately necessary due to the severity of the violations. Upon arriving at the property, the City determined that several tenants were living at the property in sheds and recreational vehicles. Code Enforcement officials also identified several hazards, including improper electrical wiring, overcrowding, and lack of plumbing that resulted in unsafe and inhumane living conditions for the tenants. City officials estimate that 20 residents, and possibly more, may have been living at the property.

The City worked with the Police Department and outreach workers to offer assistance to tenants. The County of Ventura’s Homeless Services Program provided social workers on-scene to provide tenants with information and assistance.