The City of Ojai will use newly-awarded grant funds to address the need for more bike racks in the city.

“This $48,675 grant allows us to take the next step toward installing additional bike racks around town,” said Ojai City Manager James Vega.

“We’re excited to move forward with this project and know it will greatly benefit our community for years to come.”

The Ojai City Council approved an initial site map (see attachment) that identified viable spaces for bike racks on City property, Caltrans right-of-way and private property.

The City is launching a program to partner with the business community to increase the number of bike racks in Ojai. The City will provide bike racks for business owners to install on their property, with the commitment that these racks will remain available to the public. Business owners interested in participating in the program may contact the City’s Public Works Department at 805-646-5581 ext. 200.

The public works team applied for this grant, provided by the Ventura County Transportation Commission, in Septiembre 2022, and they will begin installing the racks on City property over the next month. Residents are encouraged to keep an eye out for their arrival. Based on the business community’s level of interest in the partnership program, additional bike racks may be ordered.

Installing more bike racks in Ojai aligns with the goals and objectives of the City’s circulation element as outlined in the General Plan.