The County Public Health Officer released a modified Stay Well at Home Order that went into effect yesterday morning. The order is a 19-page order that gives details on many issues, and is in effect through May 15. Some of the key modifications include:

Section 7 includes one key change, it allows businesses to operate as long as they have 10 or less employees at a facility in a 24-hour period, with no physical interaction with members of the public, no customers allowed in the facility, and goods must only be delivered to the purchaser’s place of residence of businesses.
       Allows for gatherings of up to 5 people
       Allows for gatherings in motor vehicles, with certain requirements, for faith-based services, concerts, plays, political speeches, movies and similar activities.
       Reopens golf courses with physical distancing requirements
       Allows bike shops to open
       Permits in-person sale of vehicles

The County Public Health Officer noted that the modified order is possible because “our residents and businesses have sacrificed so much to comply with the Public Health Orders and have slowed the spread of the virus in our community.”

The full, detailed order is available on and

Although this is a positive step, the City of Ojai must continue to take this matter seriously to protect our community. Although the curve is being flattened, we must remain diligent to protect the residences of our precious valley.

The City’s face covering requirement remains in place. We believe this is an essential element of protecting our community’s health and safety, and will be an essential part of our reopening procedures.

The City is also continuing to implement procedures to limit the amount of traffic on trails and ensure safety at the Farmer’s Market.

Finally, the City’s sport courts, skate park, and playground closures remain in effect through May 1, 2020. This is intended to limit large groups of people in close proximity, sharing and touching the same equipment. The picnic area, barbecue areas, and parking lot at Sarzotti Park is still closed to avoid large groups of people in small spaces.

We ask that you continue to do your part by practicing physical distancing by maintaining at least six-foot physical distance from other persons, washing hands with soap and water for at least 20 seconds or using hand sanitizer as frequently as possible, covering coughs or sneezes, regularly cleaning high-touch surfaces, and not shaking hands.

Stay safe and healthy!

James Vega – City Manager, City of Ojai