In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, people are sheltering in place and practicing social distancing. But that doesn’t mean you can or should put your medical issues on hold. So, what should you do during this crisis if you need medical care for a condition unrelated to COVID-19?

As we continue to treat COVID-19 patients, please know that our doctors are still here, both virtually and in-person, to address all your medical needs. Our emergency rooms, urgent care centers and clinics are open and continue to deliver the highest level of care. It’s important that you keep essential visits with your physician for chronic illnesses like diabetes and heart disease, as well as appointments for neurological issues, pre- and post-natal care and pediatrics. Visits can be conducted in your doctor’s office or virtually. Please check with your doctor to see which option is right for you. While the answer is not always simple, knowing the level of care you need whether it be an emergency room, urgent care or telemedicine — could save your life in a medical emergency and can ensure that you get appropriate treatment while allowing hospitals to make the best use of their available resources. If you are experiencing an emergency, our team of medical professionals will always be there for you. Please do not delay seeking emergency help out of fear of contracting the virus in the hospital. Under no circumstance should you avoid going to an emergency room or calling 911 if you feel that your symptoms are truly serious. Every minute that you delay, the likelihood of you having a worse outcome increases. If you decide to seek emergency care, you will be screened for COVID-19 before you enter the facility to better identify and isolate those with the virus. Triage tents are set up outside each of our emergency rooms. “We are prepared to keep you safe. Please don’t delay care if you think you have a medical emergency,” said Ventura County Medical Center ER Nurse Taylor Fitzpatrick (pictured).

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