All restaurants in the County of Ventura can now register at

The website has been updated to provide new guidance documents, checklist, and Prevention Plan template for both takeout/delivery and future dine-in service. We are encouraging all restaurants to register now and to make their preparations for dine-in service, so they are ready when it becomes available. Whether restaurants are already open for takeout or waiting to open when dine-in becomes available, they can register now. Upon selecting the “Restaurants” workspace type, businesses will see the following information and links to the reference documents.

Dine in Restaurants have been identified by the state as one of the next workplace types that will be allowed to open in later Stage 2 of the Roadmap to Reopening. The County of Ventura is working to obtain accelerated approval from the State of California to move forward with dine in options. We hope to have more information soon. Restaurants are encouraged to begin to prepare for this next stage now.

The County of Ventura Environmental Health Department will also be emailing this information to all licensed food facilities in the County.

Stay informed at View the state guidance at