Every ten years, election districts must be redrawn so that each district is substantially equal in population. This process, called redistricting, is important in ensuring that each city councilmember represents about the same number of constituents. In Ojai, the City Council is responsible for drawing council districts. Redistricting is done using U.S. Census data, which is released around March 31, 2021. For the City of Ojai, the redistricting process must be completed by April 2022.

The DistrictR software is now available and Communities of Interest surveys are now available on the City webpage City of  Ojai Redistricting Process | City of Ojai (ca.gov).

DistrictR is a community mapping tool that can be used to submit a Community of Interest map. Please use this tool to identify the boundaries of your community and share what makes it a community.

Below is a presentation to assist you in using DistrictR to draw and submit your own maps.