The City of Ojai has received inquiries about Southern California Edison’s (SCE) program for pole replacement and related shutdowns. SCE has stressed the importance of these projects in reducing fire risk.

The City has a process with SCE to ensure that adequate notice will be provided before poles are replaced. The City has begun reviewing each pole replacement individually, and is working with SCE in an attempt to identify optimal conditions for shutdowns to lessen the impact on residents.

With the sheer number of pole replacements needed, there will likely be some challenges with this project, but we are working with SCE to mitigate as much as possible.

Residents with concerns can obtain further information at:

Residents with critical medical issues should register with SCE at or by calling 1-800-447-6620, SCE will reach out to those individuals before planned outages. Medical baseline for this is people with electrically powered medical equipment for life support, requires doctor’s certification.

Residents can also contact the City’s Residents can also contact the City’s Public Works Department at (805) 646-5581, ext. 209 with questions.