Police in Arcade

As we approach the summer months we are already seeing an increase in visitors to our downtown area. This is great for our local merchants and economy. With this being such a vibrant community that attracts many visitors, we also see an influx of folks riding bicycles and skateboards. Please keep in mind that while in the downtown area (Arcade), bicycling and skateboarding is prohibited on the sidewalks.

You will also see an increase in presence of our deputies walking in the area. Their primary focus will be public safety. You will likely see the deputies walking around, visiting stores, answering questions, and engaging with visitors. They will walk through Libbey Park and the Skate Park to talk and engage with the kids and visitors.

One of the most important duties will be to educate those who skate or bicycle through the Arcade. If you are stopped for riding your skateboard or bicycle through the Arcade, they will kindly advised you of the city ordinance, and ask that you walk through the area. With the crowds of visitors, especially on weekends, we want to make sure everyone is safe and we avoid any accidents.

Thank you everyone and be safe.