The implementation of the Demonstration Project has been moved to December. The project team will have the new exact dates by November 13, 2020. The sign up dates will be updated as soon as the new start date is solidified.

In early December the City of Ojai, SCAG, and consultant Street Plans will install a six-month demonstration of the City’s proposed Active Transportation Program (ATP) improvements to Maricopa Highway between Ojai Avenue and El Roblar Drive/Cuyama Road. The Demonstration will help the City and Caltrans learn lessons before the permanent, final project is built in the coming year(s). The Demonstration Project will include the reallocation of a travel lane in each direction for parking-protected/separated bike lanes, intersection improvements like curb extensions, and temporary planters. The project will provide the City’s first on-street, protected bikeway, as well as connections to the Ojai Valley Bike Trail, Ojai Meadows Preserve, and Meiners Oaks, and make it safer for people to walk, bike, AND drive along Maricopa Highway!

The project team is seeking community volunteers to help with tasks like planting planters, painting green conflict zones, installing planters and delineators, and installing project signage. Sign up for a task and slot by visiting to help out!

Per Ventura County guidelines, outdoor gatherings of people are acceptable as volunteer opportunities in support of City projects. Prior to starting work, volunteers will be asked if they’ve recently experienced any COVID-like symptoms. Volunteers will be divided into groups no larger than five to perform tasks. Groups will not work in close proximity to each other to avoid large gatherings, and volunteers will be asked to socially distance when not performing work. Volunteers will be required to wear masks, and the project team will have extra masks and hand sanitizer on-hand. Volunteers will wear gloves for the transfer of tools, and are encouraged to bring their own reusable bottles for water.

The project team will be having a minimum of two more CAC meetings until project implementation. To participate, register on the project webpage at: