Watch the skies on Wednesday, April 6, 2022. SCE will be removing and replacing four power poles in the Arbolada area, and using helicopters staged at Matilija Jr. High School to transport the equipment. Due to the size and weight of the poles, 17 homes in the flight path have been notified and residents will need to leave their homes during the flyover. Parts of El Toro and El Paseo Road will also be temporary closed. SCE notified those in power outage areas 72 hours prior to the work. For information or concerns on the April 6 work, contact Pedro Lemus: 909-306-8203.
On Tuesday, April 12, 2022, a smaller project will require helicopter transport of one power pole to a property off Foothill Road. Parts of Foothill Road will be closed and power will be off for some residents in the immediate area. Sergio Elisarraraz: 805-603-7986 is your contact for questions about the work on April 12. (this work was postponed to next month)
Edison uses helicopters to transport power poles and equipment when roads are not accessible to their trucks, or when needing to pass through environmentally sensitive terrain. Those directly impacted by this work have been, or will be notified by SCE or its contractors.