October 7, 2020        

Ojai Launches General Plan Update         

The City of Ojai is excited to announce the launch of the City’s General Plan update. Ojai community members are coming together to create a bold new vision and strategic plan for the future. This exciting initiative, an update to the City’s General Plan, will establish goals, policies, and actions that preserve community strengths and address key priorities.

The General Plan addresses the full spectrum of topics important to the community, including the preservation of City character, maintaining a vibrant downtown, balancing tourism with quality of life, the quality of public services, fire safety concerns, and environmental leadership.

Ojai’s last comprehensive General Plan update was in 1987. The updated plan must reflect 2020 realities and anticipate community changes through 2045.

To ensure a successful outcome, we need to hear from you. Where will the City build more housing? What types of amenities does the City need to provide for its residents? What is Ojai missing today? How do we keep Ojai safe as the impacts of climate change increase? What other challenges will we need to overcome? These are just some of the questions the City needs your help answering.

With your input, the updated General Plan will reflect and advance the community’s priorities for the future. To learn more about the project and how to get involved, please visit www.ojaicity.org/gpupdate. On the website, you will find updated information about the City’s General Plan as well as a contact button to get on a mailing list.

The City also encourages residents to take online surveys to share their visions and priorities for the future. Visit www.ojaicity.org/gpupdate.

Questions may also be directed to the Community Development Department.

Department:                       Community Development

Contact Person:                Lucas Seibert, Community Development Manager

Telephone Number:         (805) 646-5581 ext. 113

Email Address:                   seibert@ojaicity.org