Ojai Tourism Improvement District (OTID)

There will be a public meeting on February 28 to receive input from the public on the OTID and a public hearing will be held on March 28. Administrative Report for March 28 Council Meeting

Tourism improvement districts are formed when a majority of assessed businesses consent to an assessment and the local government approves. Funds raised are returned to a non-profit corporation which is under contract with the local government to manage those funds. Several accountability mechanisms ensure that funds are spent in accordance with a specifically defined district plan that includes marketing and sales programs approved by the businesses paying into the district.

The Ojai Tourism Improvement District includes all lodging businesses located within the boundaries of the City of Ojai and a portion of the County of Ventura. The District is a benefit assessment district proposed to continue funding marketing and sales promotion efforts for greater Ojai lodging businesses.

District benefits:

➢ Funds cannot be diverted for other government programs

➢ They are customized to fit the needs of each destination

➢ They allow for a wide range of services; including: Marketing of the Destination, Tourism Promotion Activities and Sales Lead Generation

➢ They are designed, created and governed by those who will pay the assessment

➢ They provide a stable funding source for tourism promotion

November 28, 2016 Ojai Tourism Improvement District Management Plan