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The responsibilities of the Public Works Department encompass an array of services including the following:

Middle Stewart Canyon Creek Project

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Active Transportation Program (ATP) Project

Maricopa Lane Reduction Demonstration Project, also known as the Go Ojai Demonstration Project: Click here for more information

Related to the City Council April 27, 2021 Administrative Report, the following information is available by clicking on the item:

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A brief summary of the project follows, see the end of this section for a link to further information on the project.

The City was awarded a $2.8 Active Transportation Program (ATP) Grant for pedestrian and bike improvements on Maricopa Highway (SR 33) and Ojai Avenue (SR 150).

Highlights of the plan include (see link below for more info):

  • Separated bike lanes on Maricopa Highway: this concept was originally developed by Caltrans. It includes replacement of one vehicle travel lane in each direction with a Class IV separated bike lane (a bike lane separated from travel lanes by a buffer).
  • Ojai Avenue bike lanes: Bike lanes from the Y (SR 150/33 intersection) to Gridley Rd., except the downtown area (from Ventura St to Montgomery) where there is only room for sharrows (bikes sharing lanes with vehicle travel lanes).
  • High visibility pedestrian crossings: providing curb extensions and pedestrian-activated rapid-flashing LED beacons or RRFBs (like the existing Library crossing at Ventura Street) to improve the safety of most non-signalized crossings.
  • A modified entry from Ojai Avenue westbound onto El Paseo Road(between Canada Street and Cluff Vista Park) — to improve safety where pedestrians cannot tell if eastbound Ojai Avenue traffic is going to come straight up El Paseo. The rendering in Attachment B shows this concept.
  • Sidewalk Infill: installing sidewalks on Ojai Avenue where they do not exist, primarily from the Y to Topa Topa Drive on the south side, and from Shady Lane to Gridley Road.
  • Trees: placing trees in areas where gaps exist to provide shaded sidewalks and an attractive street corridor

This is a concept, final design and permitting is roughly a two-year process that must be approved and may be modified by Caltrans, with construction planned for 2021 – 22.

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2021 Ojai Street Rehabilitation Project

The City is proposing street paving, sidewalks, and parking lot improvements this year, in the late summer and fall of 2021.  See below for street with overlays/paving proposed.

The City’s recent paving projects along with upcoming priorities are shown on the map below.

Click here for a map of the street maintenance history.



Landscaping and Lighting District No.1


Landscaping and Lighting District No. 3


Plaza Maintenance Assessment District




The Public Works crew routinely performs street maintenance (signs, striping, potholes, crack sealing, etc.), storm drain clearance, City-wide landscaping, tree maintenance/trimming/care and janitorial services. The Department provides facility maintenance and landscaping for City facilities, including: City Hall, the “Y” at Highway 33 and Maricopa Highway, Libbey Bowl, Boyd Center/Martin Gym, Libbey Park, Sarzotti Park, Skateboard Park, Rotary Park, Cluff Vista Park, and Daly Park. The Department is also responsible for the Police Department and Museum building exteriors and parking lots.  Click here to submit a maintenance service request to the Public Works Staff.


Transportation (Trolley)

The Trolley Department operates the Ojai Trolley Service and coordinates with Gold Coast Transit. This group includes over a dozen part-time trolley drivers who are closely monitored for compliance with State and Federal regulations, and other mandates.  Click here to access the Ojai Trolley website.



Encroachment, special event, facility rental and water well permits are administered by Public Works staff. See “Related Links and Documents” below or call (805) 646-5581 ext 200 for more information.

Street Pavement Moratorium

The City of Ojai establishes a five-year street pavement moratorium list to better manage the pavement degradation from the effects of utility cuts. This five-year street pavement moratorium list covers all pavement resurfacing but is not limited to slurry seals, conventional and rubberized cape seals, rubberized emulsion asphalt slurry seals, asphalt pavement overlays, reconstruction and new construction. Through research of local and national municipalities, it has been shown that trench cuts significantly alter and degrade pavement surfaces adjacent to the actual trench line. The City of Ojai requires all trench cuts to be T-cuts, to reduce the negative impacts of the trench cut.

The street pavement moratorium list was created in an effort to protect our capital investment in streets, the street pavement integrity, ride quality and appearances of new street surfaces. At times, it becomes necessary to cut into moratorium streets that have been resurfaced in the last five years. The Public Works Department establishes pavement restoration guidelines for this work to protect the integrity of the pavement surface.

  • See Attached Table for Moratorium and Related Expiration Dates – click here
  • See further information on the Moratorium – click here


Nordhoff Cemetery

Public Works maintains the extensive plot and internment records for the Nordohoff cemetery in addition to maintaining the cemetery grounds.


Americans With Disabilities Act – City Compliance with The Law

The Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 is a comprehensive Federal civil law that prohibits discrimination against persons with disabilities. The Act requires the city to designate an ADA Coordinator who coordinates the city’s ADA compliance efforts. The Act also requires the city to provide individuals with disabilities equal access to city programs, meetings, activities, and services. Modifications to city policies and/or physical structures are necessary for the city to accomplish this. Click here to learn more.


Waste Tires Recycled Through Street Paving Project

A total of 11,803 passenger car tires were recycled as rubberized asphalt for the City’s Road Rehabilitation Project completed in December of 2015. Various City streets throughout the City benefited from this project. The project was funded by a grant from the Department of Resources Recycling and Recovery (CalRecycle). The grant program promotes markets and recycled-content surfacing products derived from waste tires generated in California and decrease the environmental impacts created by unlawful disposal and stockpiling of waste tires.


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