The Ojai City Council is proud to announce awarding of the 2017 Lifetime
Achievement in the Arts Award to photographer and industrial designer Roger
Roger Conrad is an Ojai photographer and long-time Ojai Arts Commissioner.
He is a noted ocean photographer. Mr. Conrad’s photography has won several
awards and he has presented his art and spoken at several events throughout
Ojai and the County.
He has helped the City to promote the acquisition of public art, recognize the
achievements of outstanding artists, give art grants and present arts shows. He
also helped to design exhibits and install shows for the Ojai Valley Museum
and served as a board member of the Ojai Center of the Arts. Mr. Conrad also
helped coordinate the Art Center’s annual open photography competition for
several years.
Prior to his time in Ojai, Roger worked in industrial design and commercial
photography, designing architectural systems, trade show exhibits, Olympic
sporting venues, and photographing products for publication. He is a former
faculty member at the California Institute of the Arts in Valencia, California,
and is known for promoting interest in the arts through exhibit design and free
art photography.

Below is a short slide show of some of Roger’s Work