Information Regarding the Latest Election Results:

The City of Ojai contracts with the County of Ventura for election services. For online information on the latest election results please visit Ventura County Election’s results page, here.

Information Regarding City of Ojai Posting of Official Election Results:

County Elections must begin the official canvass no later than Thursday following an election (Elections Code §10547, 15301). County Elections then has 30 days in which to complete the official canvass (Elections Code 15372). That means the Ojai City Clerk Office expects official results no later than December 6, 2018. Official results will come to the City in the form of a certified statement from County Elections and will be posted online and in the City Hall lobby.

Ventura County Elections Smartphone App:

Updates to County of Ventura Elections’ results are also available via a smartphone app. Here is a link about downloading the free app.  It can also be accessed by searching in a smartphone’s App Store for, “Ventura County Elections App.”

For further information on City of Ojai elections returns please contact the City Clerk Department at (805) 646-5581 x120 or