Sign Up for VC Alert- Stay up to Date with the Latest Emergency Alerts

With local fires in Camarillo and Simi Valley, and with high winds forecasted, please take a minute to register (or update your address if you are already registered) with VC Alert, so that you are able to get direct alerts in the event of an emergency.

For additional information, or to sign up, visit:

How it Works

The process begins when the City or County issues a message about a potential safety hazard or concern. Messages may be sent to all standard voice and text communication devices, including landline phone numbers, cellular phone numbers, email, and more. If you do not confirm receipt of the message, the system may continue trying to contact you until it receives a confirmation from you.


There is no cost to register additional phone numbers in the VC Alert database. VC Alert is a free service provided by the Ventura County Sheriff’s Office of Emergency Services and participating cities.

Keep in mind, if you register a cellular phone number, call and text messaging charges may apply. The County of Ventura is not responsible for any charges that may be incurred as a result of receiving these alerts.


For more information on the VC Alert Emergency Notification System, please contact the VC Alert Hotline at (805) 648-9283 or via email at