Southern California Edison (S.C.E) has announced a new “Public Safety Power Shutoff” policy. Below you may find information from S.C.E.


Dear Neighbor,

Protecting you and your family from the threat of wildfires is our company’s highest priority. Taking important actions to reduce the risk of wildfires has long been a focus for us and today, we continue to look for ways to enhance our operational practices and strengthen our infrastructure to address the increased threat of wildfires.

The 2017 wildfire season demonstrated the increased threat wildfires have in California. Wildfires threaten not only our homes, our lives and our economy, but also our fight to reduce California’s carbon footprint. Without action, things will only get worse. A hotter, drier California coupled with the reality of a now year-round fire season we must all take significant measures to help mitigate these risks under the new normal conditions in our state.

As a community member, who has a home or business in a high fire risk area, we are writing you today to share information about what we at SCE are doing to help mitigate wildfire risks. We also want you to know that we area hosting community meetings throughout our service territory to share more details about our Wildfire Safety Program, including our Public Safety Power Shutoff Protocol and other efforts to help keep our customers and communities safe and you should receive information about a meeting in your area very soon.

What is a Public Safety Power Shutoff?

When extreme fire conditions—such as high winds—present a clear danger to the public, we may shut off power in high fire risk areas. De-energizing customers is not something we take lightly. Being without power can be disruptive to you and your family and it is our intention to use this protocol sparingly to manage only the most extreme conditions. We view these Public Safety Power Shutoffs as a last resort, only after a number of other operational practices have been exhausted.

Should a Public Safety Power Shutoff be likely we will attempt to notify you prior to shutting your power off. In order for us to do this, it is important for us to have your most updated contact information. Please call us at 1-800-655-4555, or sign up online for our “Outage Alerts” at and click on My Account > Profile > Outage Alert Preferences.

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Ready to Respond Together

Roughly a quarter of our service territory, covering about 9 million acres, is considered to be in high fire risk areas. California’s wildfire season is now year-round. Nothing is more important than the safety of you, your family and your community.

Public Safety Power Shutoff Timeline

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