Southern California Edison has update an outage map showing current status of Thomas Fire service outages and restoration. Visit for information.

Information includes: Thomas fire restoration effort

Damage assessment teams have been granted access to some of the fire-damaged areas of the Thomas fire. When they gain access, progress of their work will be determined by weather conditions, terrain and the movement of the fires.
We anticipate the magnitude of the damage to be extensive. A better assessment of the destruction will be available this weekend, after our damage assessment is complete.
The restoration effort for the Thomas fire can be described as wholesale construction work on the local circuits that power the fire-affect areas. This will include the engineering and design of all utility structures, and the installation of poles, transformers, switches, etc.
We requested information on availability of crews from other utilities for mutual assistance. A decision on this will be made when the company has completed an assessment of the damage.
Customers should be prepared to be without power for at least the next few days and power will be restored to customer incrementally on a circuit by circuit basis.
There is no specific order in which customers will have power restored beyond the accessibility to the fire-damaged areas. The only priorities that will be considered where accessibility isn’t an issue are essential services (police and fire facilities, hospitals, water and sewage facilities) and critical care customers.
The last circuits to be rebuilt may take up to a week or more.