The City will be testing out clean up methods to begin cleaning ash from City streets in the coming days. The City plans to do the following:

Arcade/Plaza/downtown area/Parks: Public Works crews have been targeting debris/ash accumulation areas using gentle broom work to minimize dust generation. We are water pressure washing some areas, though being careful not to generate dust.

We tested a street sweeper last Tuesday. However, the dust suppression was insufficient because a lot of dust was being generated. We called off street sweeping.

Water Truck: We are renting a water truck starting Monday – we will test a light water application on street side (primarily for gutter accumulations) and sidewalk areas. Our testing with water hoses indicates spraying water over dry dusty ash areas is the best approach – it breaks down and binds the ash with no/minimal dust if done right. If it works, we will spray higher use problem areas first (downtown, parking lots, parks, etc.) and continue to lower priority areas (other streets and sidewalks, trailheads, etc.). We are looking at non-potable water sources.

Streets weeping: A City vendor will bring their best quality street sweeper next Tuesday which will test a combination of the following to provide best ash cleanup with minimal dust generation:

2. Try street sweeper with maximum dust control/water spray on. We may need to tender water from rental truck to street sweeper to keep it moving without stopping too much for water. 
3. Try City rented water truck dust control ahead of street sweeper.