The City has performed pest abatement at the property on Gregory Street to address immediate threats to public health and safety, and to help prevent the spread of pests. The City would also like to take this opportunity to provide additional information, from the County of Ventura’s website, on preventing pests on your property.

Please see the flyer below from the County’s Environmental Health Division on preventing and controlling pests. The County further states the following:

The most effective way to prevent rats from becoming established on your property, or to control and eliminate them once they are established, is through the implementation of what’s known as an integrated pest management control program. Basically, this refers to the removal of food, water, and nesting (harborage) areas; the use of suppression (poison baits and traps); and building them out to prevent rats from entering homes, buildings, and other structures. If you are unsure of what steps to take, or if you think the infestation is beyond what you can effectively handle, you may want to hire a certified pest control company to provide this service.

Integrated Pest Management (IPM)

Integrated Pest Management (IPM) is the decision-making process for managing pests that reduces the amount of health and environmental risks. The measures mentioned above; sanitation, exclusion, and trapping with mechanical traps like snap traps are examples of IPM. Identifying the pest, developing an appropriate strategy, and limiting the use of poison such as anti-coagulant baits when practical is more effective and safer for children, pets, and wildlife. In fact, the County of Ventura has successfully implemented its own IPM Program. With a goal of utilizing the most environmentally sensitive approach possible to both plant and pest management, we have reduced the application of pesticides and poisons.

Many people think the use of poison baits or traps are the best methods to control or eliminate rats on their property, or in their homes and other structures. While these methods are relatively easy to use and they can have an immediate impact on the rat population, these methods alone are not enough to prevent rats from becoming established.

The most effective and long term solution to preventing and controlling rats is through the implementation of an IPM program. With this approach, before it is necessary to or in addition to reducing the rat population through the use of poison bait and traps; potential food and water sources are eliminated, nesting areas and other rat harborage conditions are reduced or eliminated, and repairs to holes, cracks, and gaps around building foundations, doors, walls, pipes and wires are made to prevent the rats from entering the structure.

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