Spring 2017 – Planning Commission Work Session # 2

This Spring 2017, the Planning Division will facilitate a Planning Commission work session which will include a presentation of the Draft Background Report, summarize key report findings and share public and Focus Groups input on the contents of the report. Division staff will also present the Assets, Issues and Opportunities Summary which describes outreach activities conducted between April and September 2016, highlighting what people like most about the county, what challenges they see, and what ideas they have for addressing these challenges through the General Plan.  The Planning Commission will be asked to provide input on the Draft Background Report as well as assets issues, and opportunities identified during public outreach.

Spring 2017 – Vision and Guiding Principles Community Workshops

This Spring 2017, the Planning Division will host series of community workshops to seek input and affirm the vision and guiding principles for the updated General Plan. Community members will be invited to identify values and build consensus on a few “big ideas” for Ventura County’s future.  The workshops will also include a discussion to identify the guiding principles that would form the foundation of the General Plan.

Announcements with the date and time for the upcoming Planning Commission Work Session #2 and Vision and Guiding Principles Community Workshops will be sent via e-blast to the General Plan Update’s Interested Parties List.

For more about the above meetings, please contact Susan Curtis at (805) 654-2497, email susan.curtis@ventura.org or visit the General Plan website at VC2040.org.