Vacant Property Maintenance, Security and Registration

Vacant buildings are a major cause and source of blight in both residential and non-residential neighborhoods, especially when the owner of the building fails to actively maintain and manage the building to ensure that it does not become a liability to the neighborhood. Vacant buildings (whether or not those buildings are boarded), substandard or unkempt buildings and long-term vacancies discourage economic development and retard appreciation of property values. Vacant buildings are potential fire hazards and can jeopardize the ability of owners of neighboring property from securing or maintaining affordable fire insurance. It is the responsibility of property ownership to prevent owned property from becoming a burden to the neighborhood and community and a threat to the public health, safety or welfare. One vacant building which is not actively and well maintained and managed can be the core and cause of spreading blight.


Identification and evaluation of vacant buildings:


Potential Vacant Properties
  • Below is a link to the list of Potential Vacant Properties in the City of Ojai:


October 2021 Potential Vacant Property List

January 2022 Potential Vacant Property List



  • Members of the public who wish to submit information to identify potential vacant buildings may do so by accessing ‘My Ojai’. You may download the free mobile app or access through the portal on the City of Ojai website at

More information can be found at the ‘My Ojai’ launch announcement page.

Registered Vacant Properties


    • The public may view Community Development Department project and permit information by using the the City of Ojai Accela Citizen Access portal page, including Vacant Properties that have been registered with the City. The link can be found on the Accela Citizen Portal page. The public may perform simple searches and generate custom reports (such as by address or by keywords), including records of Registered Vacant Property in the City of Ojai. Creating an account is not required, although creating an account expands search options.

    To view Community Development Department project and permit information, click on the link shown: “Click here to get started using our New Citizen Portal“. Enter information to search for records, such as the Site Address, Contractor Information, Parcel Number. General sorting can be done by clicking on the column heading.

    To search the Accela Citizen Access portal for Registered Vacant Properties:

    Click on “Click here to get started using our New Citizen Portal
    Click on “Search Cases” under Planning. In the Project Name field, enter the following: *Vacant* (Note: include both asterisks as shown)
    Select a date range as needed.
    Click “Search”.
    Click on “Download Results” to save the results on your computer in an excel format, which is a report that can be customized, sorted and perform searches.